Xbox 360: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

So I have had my Xbox 360 for almost 5 months now. Crazy how times flys! Unfortunately I haven’t had quite the amount of time I would have liked to play it but I have been really making the time over the past couple of weeks. Shane surprised me with a copy of Oblivion a couple of weeks back when it came out and I absolutely love it! Every now and then you get a game that sucks you in and this is the first as such for me in a while. I think the last was Fable.

The loading can take a while at times but its definitely worth wait as the gameplay makes up for it as does the uber cool graphics. I haven’t progressed overly far yet but I am enjoying the challenge as the game is not too easy but not so hard that I have to pull my hair out completing the quest events.

The more I play RPG games like this on the console, the more I find myself wishing there was a MMORPG component that allowed me to connect to Live and interact with other players as I could with previous computer based games such as Asheron’s Call or WoW. I never thought I would prefer console gaming over the computer but I think the time has come since my current desktop hasn’t loaded a game in nearly 12 months. Heck I can even play Q2 on my Xbox 360 now. =-)

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3 Responses to Xbox 360: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

  1. Do you know about clearing the game cache before starting a game?

    We have a pinned post at (the forums) with instructions taken from the developers forums.

    I havent played the game myself, but this may help, but I am not sure if it will solve the “loading problems” to the fullest extent. The developer has said that there is a beta patch out (for PC) to fix some problems.

  2. Bil Simser says:

    Oblivion totally rocks. It’s one of my favs right now but I can never find time to play. Of course a co-op version of Oblivion on XBL? Nice. I’m just waiting for Dead to Rights now as I really want to kick some zombie butt.

  3. Thanks for the tip Matt. I had actually seen that but I was unsure whether clearing my cache would increase my load time. I’ll give it a shot tonight regardless. Cheers!