SharePoint 2007 + Accessibility

I just read the SharePoint Team has been putting some focus on accessibility which is awesome news. The timing is incredibly ironic as I am currently involved in a SharePoint project (SPS2003+WSS2.0) that has some blind users. The client will be happy to know this focus is coming in 2007.

Courtesy of the SharePoint Team Blog
Improvements in accessibility
We have been getting quite a few questions via blog feedback e-mails about accessibility, so I wanted to share the following summary of new and improved accessibility features that the WSS V3 team is working on, which are of course leveraged by Office SharePoint Server 2007 as well. Things can still change between now and RTM, so please don’t take the following list as a promise of full compliance. Nevertheless, the Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server product teams are definitely committed to improving accessibility and enabling all customers to utilize the power of SharePoint Products and Technologies.

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