Long Weekend

It’s a long weekend and my body (and mind) needs it. Easter weekend is a major time of reflection for me so I won’t be online as much. Though that is not to say I won’t be spending some time kicking back and catching up on my gaming.

The SharePoint 2007 posts will be continuing after this weekend. Thanks for all the positive feedback. I have lots more material to cover yet so no worries. Plus Shane and I have a few more surprises up our sleeves so stay tuned.

In the meantime, for your entertainment / education value I strongly recommend the following:

  • The On 10 Series is turning into a favorite of mine since they are including content close to my heart (Xbox) as well as lots of other interesting pieces. Recently they had a funny show with Major Nelson. Too bad they didn’t have more questions…so the people in the forums could have won more prizes.
  • I posted the link to view the archive of our first INETA Live! webcast with Chris Pels and Thom Robbins called “So You Want to Hold a Code Camp”. If you are a community enthusiast in the dev community – I highly recommend checking this out. See live.ineta.org for details.
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