Almost Home!

Amanda and I just landed in Halifax, we have a few hour layover here before catching our flight home so I figured I’d write a quick post.

With the IW Tour over we had a chance yesterday to take in some of the great sights. Just across the bridge from Ottawa is HULL Quebec so that was our first stop. We visited the National Museum of Civilization which happens to have Gretzkys first pair of skates and the puck that went to the moon!

After taking in the museum it was off to the “Market” – anyone that has spent any time in Ottawa knows that this is the “place to be” in downtown ottawa. Tonnes of stores and places to eat – lots of fun. We took in a great Scottish Pub where I had a Tartan special (some thick Scottish beer) before heading over for a famous “Beaver Tail”. (A Fried Maple/Chocolate Pastry).

It was a beautiful sunny day in Ottawa so we roamed around downtown for awhile and found this great old church – VERY ellaborate, quite a sight, the Notre Dame I think it was called (quite likely the site of Trudeaus funeral).

After finishing up our walk we stopped by Steven Harpers (The Canadian Prime Minister) house (24 Sussex Drive) just to take a look and then headed home to wrap up with a great BBQ, mmm steak!

We had a very busy and hectic but a very fun week.

More on the Deep Dives when I get back home in a few hours.

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