SharePoint Customization: Quick Launch Replacement

Thanks to Bil Simser for pointing to this gem.

Bob Mixon has apparently been busy doing much more than just risks lists based on the issues list. He found the time to introduce this bad boy:

This Web Part can be used to replace the hard coded HTML in a Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Site. The first advantage to this Web Part is simply being aware of the current users security permissions. Meaning, if a user does not have the permissions to view the items in a document library or list, even if it is marked to be displayed on the Quick Launch bar, it will not be displayed.

There are many more features currently present in this Web Part, which include:

The ability to turn any set of lists on or off. So if you chose to not display Surveys, simply turn it off.
The ability to display separation lines below the grouping headers.
The ability to display an Actions section with access to manage site settings, users, content, and alerts.
And, the best of all features, the ability to dynamically add any items to the quick launch bar through a standard SharePoint list.

Take a look at the quick launch replacement web part here

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