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SharePoint Customization: Another Free Theme

Todd Bleeker has been getting us in the Christmas mood with his CEWP/javascript that generates snowflakes. I figured I would add a little something as well so I created a christmas theme to add to your theme pack. I managed … Continue reading

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SQL: Interesting concept WWW SQL Designer

What a neat concept, can’t say I’ve seen anything like this before, take a look at (possibly) the worlds first WWW SQL Designer

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SharePoint: Who will teach the users?

I have read many posts over the months about the good, bad and ugly of SharePoint. One recent noteable being Bil Simsers post on keeping your head while others are losing theirs. It got me to thinking about the new … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 Controller for your…Piano?

Just watched the holiday MSDN video where Don Box and Chris Anderson demonstrate how WinFX can be used to send messages from Xbox Controller to a Piano. A pretty cool demo really. Personally I’m usually just impressed by anyone that … Continue reading

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myBlog: Suspicious Activity and Links

Problem solved! – Old MT version + SQL Injections are evil. 3.2 version supposedly fixes the vulnerability. To those that do it – I hope you are castrated with a rusty spoon! It’s my blog I’ll be hasty if I … Continue reading

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ASP.NET 2.0: Free ASP.NET 2.0 Training from Microsoft

Via Scott Guthrie: Brad from the Microsoft Learning team just pointed me at a cool offer. Basically it allows you to take a 3-hour ASP.NET 2.0 Training course for free if you register for it before January 4th (note: you … Continue reading

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SharePoint Customization: Theme Customization Tips

I just noticed Bil posted up a couple of neat little tricks that he uses to get around the Theme Customization+Caching pains. IE: Making changes to a theme, then unloading/reloading the theme in order to see those changes take place. … Continue reading

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Office 12 Training Anyone?

Just noticed that Patrick Tisseghem and Ted Pattison are doing a little training tour for Office 12. Looks promising! While I have never had the pleasure of attending one of Patricks functions based on his general manner I’m certain they … Continue reading

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SharePoint Customization: Tabbed Menus (11 in fact)

I just noticed this while browsing around and figured I’d pass it on. There have been several posts on (CSS) tabbed navigation menus using the “Sliding Doors” technique originally showcased on Here are 11 free ones you can use … Continue reading

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SharePoint: Post SP2 Hotfixes

Thanks to Andrew Connell for pointing to these new (post sp2) hotfixes for both WSS and SPS. The SharePoint Portal Server (post sp2) Hotfix Package The Windows SharePoint Services (post sp2) Hotfix Package

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