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You Know You Are Playing Too Much Project Gotham Racing 3 When…

You take the highway to church on a Sunday morning and starting estimating how many Kudos you could get on each exit ramp. Unfortunately my Cavalier doesn’t quite take the turns like a Ferrari but a gal can dream.

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SharePoint: Web Part (Status Report)

Jame Milne, author of the ever popular SPskin utility has created another nifty little part for us! SharePoint Status report. Overview: The SharePoint Status Report extracts hyperlinks directly from the SharePoint system and then checks the status of each hyperlink. … Continue reading

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Official Xbox 360 Weekend

After a very long week of slipping in whatever gaming I could on lunch breaks and showing up to work each morning with a massive Xbox 360 hangover…this weekend will be 100% dedicated to my new Xbox 360. I’m hoping … Continue reading

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SharePoint Customization: Themes, and SharePoint Portal Server 2003

I have had quite a few emails asking why I have been dealing so little with SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customization and focusing a lot on Themes and WSS. It really comes down to what I am doing at the … Continue reading

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SharePoint Customization Tip: Changing the Rich Text Editor Background

For those that have asked me how to do it via email/msn and to those that have been following the post on “SharePoint Gotchas” dealing with styling the Rich Text Editor, you will be pleased to know there is a … Continue reading

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

It seems we are being left with less and less excuse for not making our web content accessible. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Working Group has released Working Drafts of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and HTML Techniques … Continue reading

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SharePoint Customization Tip: Style your WSS Search

If you use themes to customize your SharePoint sites you have no doubt customized the .ms-searchform and .ms-searchcorner classes to change the background of your search form. These style the “WSS Search” box. If you want to add a little … Continue reading

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Building ASP.NET 2.0 Web Sites Using Web Standards

Great article on MSDN on creating ASP.NET 2.0 websites using web standards. This is a lengthy article (almost 80 printed pages). It walks you through explanations of XHTML, taking advantage of some great new features in Visual Studio 2005 and … Continue reading

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Congrats to for going tableless

Like the topic states sourceforge, the worlds largest open source development site has gone tableless and adopted a CSS based layout. Take a look at for yourself

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Xbox 360 – The Wait is Over

I admit…I was starting to get nervous. The only place that did pre-orders here in St. John’s (that I know about) was EB Games and I didn’t want to risk going there since I had heard rumors of them over … Continue reading

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