Welcome Back Comments

Well after several months of having a broken / hi-jacked weblog with respect to comments…I finally am able to reenable them again. I am in Toronto this week for a consulting gig so I figured my evenings would be best spent catching up on the many technical maintenace items on my to-do list. Last night I did a complete reinstall of movabletype on my server and successfully eliminated the thousands of spam comments that had infected my weblog in the first place.

So I have reenabled comments for now. This new release of Movabletype is supposed to deal with comment spam better so we will have to wait and see.

Now that I am blogging again maybe I will be able to keep up with Shane who has turned out to be the prolific blogger that I always knew he would be. He has been posting quite a bit lately which is something I am happy to see. It helps improve our household blogging rate for the times when I tend to be a little slack on the job. :-)

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One Response to Welcome Back Comments

  1. Bryant Likes says:

    Yeah! Now if I could just remember all the posts I wanted to comment on…