Tim Hortons Trip Planner

I have just discovered my new best friend for when I am on the road. Normally whenever I hit a new town on a consulting gig, the order of business is A) Locate my hotel and B) Locate nearest Tim Hortons. The order of those tasks may vary depending on a number of items.

Normally I hit msn.com for all the directions to my hotel and then I blindly drive around till I hit a Tims. In Canada it usually doesn’t require more than 15 minutes driving to find one. However I think I have just found a better alternative.

The Tim Hortons website has a mapquest link that will not only provide you with directions for your trip but will also provide a listing of all Tim Hortons locations you will pass along the way. I love it when people put technology to good use.

Check out the Tim Hortons Trip Planner.

I was even able to map my way home from the office with it. Notice the 3 locations within the 5 minute drive.

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One Response to Tim Hortons Trip Planner

  1. mike w says:

    Awesome link. I blogged about it, but that would have been useful earlier in the year when I drove to Newfoundland and back. Thanks for finding that!