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November 22nd Baby!!

Woot! I just read on John Porcaro’s weblog that the Xbox 360 will be hitting shelves on November 22nd of this year. How excellent is that? Just 25 days before my birthday. I sure hope Shane remembers how cool his … Continue reading

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SharePoint V3 – Features

Blog #100400506 to post this im sure but take a look at some of the great new features coming down the pipe! View them here

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It'a a Good Day for SharePoint Junkies

Some of the rumors we have been hearing for past few months have finally been confirmed by official folks such as Fitz. Watching a product that I have invested so much time and energy into for the past few years … Continue reading

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Blog Search from Google

Google has put out a blog search engine. Despite the fact that people have been clamoring for this for months, it may surprise you to realize that this makes Google the first to market with a homegrown blog search of … Continue reading

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Patrick on the next SmartPart

My Boss sent this to me via email yesterday, I am only now getting a chance to post it. Great litle post on the SmartPart from Patrick. Jan has been working on a new version of the SmartPart, also referred … Continue reading

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XBOX 360 UI Pictures

A picture is worth 1000 words they say so this post will be short and sweet. Take a look at some great UI pictures of the XBOX 360.

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Office 12 and SharePoint Update (PDC)

New in SharePoint Neat Recycle Bin Slide library – New sharepoint library, lets you create and add slides to libraries, great for people that use powerpoint alot. Easy to keep the most recent slides up-to-date. RSS Support Nice integration with … Continue reading

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Steve posts an SPS Backup Script

I posted recently about my “boss” starting blogging again. He’s just released on his blog the SPS Backup Script he wrote awhile ago and recently polished to add more complete error trapping and email notification. Get the script here.

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SharePoint Job Opportunity

I received the following job description from RCM Technologies and decided to post it here in case any of my readers are interested. RCM Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive of Information Technology solutions for customers in the Financials … Continue reading

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Want to Be Part of a Records Management and Compliance Beta for SharePoint?

Sign up for the 80-20 Compliance Server Public Beta Program. I have been Beta testing this product for a while now and they are getting ready to launch a public Beta next week. If you need a records management and … Continue reading

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