New OneNote Features for Office 12

It looks like somehow the OneNote team got a hold of my wishlist for the next version. Chris Pratley gives us a peak at what is coming.

Table support is a big win for me. The lack of tables tended to be the end point of me working in OneNote on a report or proposal. In all my documentation, I tend to use a lot of tables to break up information. The fact that I couldn’t use them in OneNote limited by ability to use the product for everything – which is what I would prefer to do.

Dragging and dropping of pages and sections is also nice. I have put a lot of thought into the organization of my OneNote files and I have always wanted this ability to move things around easier.

Chris’s blog always offers a nice behind the scenes perspective of an interesting team working on a fairly new product. It’s now wonder his blog is as popular as it is.

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