And the blogging is boooooring! From my blog anyhow. Between a couple of exciting projects at work, lots of community related stuff with INETA & SharePoint and what appears to be the first signs of summer here in Paradise (only by name) – I am having a very hard time keeping up with regular posts. Forgive me.

Luckily others are on the ball such as Bil Simser with his initative for collecting site and list templates as well as allowing people to view the templates released by Microsoft a couple of weeks ago. Bil always impresses me with his attitude towards community involvement.

Tariq has started blogging more too. Tariq is the ultimate SharePoint contact aggregator. His weekly msn chats where he invites all of us to meet and greet have become a favorite of mine – even when I’m too busy to talk, the lurking is fun. Yesterday Tariq brought along Andrew Connell and Heather Solomon to meet everyone. I have been following their blogs for a while but it was nice to finally connect “in person” (So to speak).

Shane has even revived from his hiatus and is punching away on another segment of his SharePoint design tutorial on creating SharePoint templates. The start of a lot of great things to come from him. If you need templates, themes and site definition advice, I assure you he is the man. He did the design and construction of our SharePoint Nation site for the virtual user group. Maybe if I am nice he will let me post some screencaps.

Jan Tielens appears from a brief disappearance in an Officezealot podcast on SharePoint. I haven’t actually checked this out yet but I am looking forward to it.

Also remember if you are looking for a good list of SharePoint bloggers, be sure to check out Mark’s list here. It rules! He even has an opml that you can download and import directly to your aggregator.

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