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Wow thanks guys for all of you who took a moment to let me know what you think regarding the best aggregators on the market right now. Some suggestions I have received so far include:

Omea Pro

So I guess I have a bit of testing to do. Both FeedDemon and Bloglines come highly recommended as they were the most popular suggestions by far that I received from those who emailed in past 24 hours. But I want to work my way down the list and try them all.

Once I get through the list I will report back on how my experience went. It might take some mind shifting for me to get used to a web based aggregator although part of me feels that might be exactly what I need.

Also I have to give credit to Newsgator for following up with me within 24 hours on the trouble I reported that I was having with their product on my blog. Nice to see they are keeping that close a watch on the pulse of the community. I respect that. I also didn’t realize they had purchased FeedDemon until some others told me about it. Perhaps I need to pay closer attention to what is going on. :)

Thanks again everyone! With my comments disabled I was after forgetting about how great a conversation can be through a weblog.

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