Orlando Bound

To those that have been following the SharePoint customization tutorial don’t worry it’s still on-going. I’m about 80% through the next installment (still working on the actual GUI).

Things have been hectic this last week trying to clue things up and prepare for Orlando.

We will be touching down in Orlando Florida tommorow afternoon. We will be attending TechED 2005 all week.

For those that cannot make it down to Orlando, I will try (no promises) and make daily posts during the event to keep people updated on what’s going on down there and of course include photos when I can. (Lots when I get back for sure!).

For those that are going to be in Orlando I look forward to meeting you down there.

If you would like to meet up in Orlando feel free to email me.

If you have not already heard/read, we’re going to try and get as many SharePoint enthusiasts together for a little shindig. Check out Amanda’s blog for more on that.

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