I'm not leavin! – You can't make me!

Ok so maybe you can. Turns out this week has gone by much faster than anyone would have liked, but like all good things, they must come to an end.

For us that’s today … We’re leaving Orlando at 2PM for another long day of travel, but worth every minute.

Orlando has been great, I could quite easily go for another week or two, or three …

Some highlights from the trip that stand out:

Steve B’s Keynote – Great speaker, was a lot of fun.

First few sessions were lightweight but they got better. We seen a really good session on site definitions for SharePoint that I want the slidedeck for.

Shopping @ Point Orlando – Woo lots of Kangol!

Florida Mall – That’s a BIG mall.

Disney World – Never too old for Disney!

Universal Studios – The theme park was really neat, great street-dancers!

City Walk – Cures my addiction for Hard Rock Cafe swag! Great spot, alot of fun, especially at night.

Cocoa Beach – I came this far, I was going to the beach! – We rented a car yesterday and drove to the beach, it was entirely too windy due to the storm incoming but at least now I can say I’ve been.

The people – got to meet a lot of really cool people, it’s been fun. I even had time to head to the Outback and meet up with some old (asherons call) gamer buddies!

Overall it’s just been awesome, it’s a beautiful city, really warm, very nice … People have been great and we had a great time.

Microsoft did an awesome job at providing for a massive crowd. There was food, drink, ice-cream every 10 feet. Universal at night to ourselves, lots of more dining, free spirits! The busses were almost always on time and there was rarely any wait at all.

The hotel we stayed at (JW Mariott) was great as well. VERY nice, nice pool, nice people overall good experience.

And the coolest thing I seen on the trip! – The ICE BAR! That was just entirely too cool, they had a massive bar made of ice in the middle of the warm weather in Florida. Gotta love it.

On that note – It’s time to get ready, pack and all that fun stuff. We’ll be arriving back in St. John’s at 11pm.

Good times … :)

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