3 hours of sleep, 8 hours of travel and here we are in Orlando Florida.

Went to bed at midnight after re-installing my OS. Up again at 3am, at the airport for 4:30am.

St. John’s Airport – Customs screening was VERY thorough. Then to Halifax, we remained on the plane, then off to Ottawa where we deplaned and had to go through customs again.

Everything went smoothly, then off to Orlando where we just touched down. Smooth flight but we were both getting pretty figety by the time we landed.

Long story short, here we are, It’s HOT! – Great hotel (JW Mariotte). I look forward to meeting some of you down here. I’ll post as much as possible on each days events, complete with photos (im the ultimate tourist, I take photo’s of “EVERYTHING!”).

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3 Responses to 3 hours of sleep, 8 hours of travel and here we are in Orlando Florida.

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  2. Dale says:

    So much for updating us on tech ed . . . Hurry up and get back so you can finish your SharePoint Site Creation – Step-by-Step tut. :p

  3. Shane says:

    So it turns out I did a terrible job on updating the blog during the week.

    I will however have a big update when I land tonite! It’s been a busy week. Between picking ‘when’ we would have a high-speed connection (ie- when we’ll actually be at the hotel), sessions at tech-ed and events after the fact turns out there was little to no time.

    I expected to have a lot more time in between, DOH!

    The site-tutorial will resume again when I get home. I am leaving Orlando today @ 2pm.

    Going to be a LONG day again, but it was worth it :)