Office Web Component Web Parts

An odd thing happened today…

I was replying to an email that came in asking how one could use Pivot Tables, Charts and Spreadsheets on a SharePoint site to display data from an external datasource (ie Access / SQL DB, SharePoint Lists etc…) – so of course I suggested the Office Web Component Web Parts. To help illustrate what I was referring to I grabbed a couple of quick screenshots and dropped them in my reply along with a link.

I then figured that since I had most of the work already done I should write a blog post about it when I got home from work. The components are actually quite helpful even though they have been around for ages and most experienced SharePoint users probably already know about them. Besides – the key is getting information out there for the non-experienced users isn’t it?

Of course then I look and see that Daniel McPherson also posted about them…Today! Daniel are you watching my email? ;-) Just kidding – great to see someone else is thinking on the same track. But just a little freaky too.

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One Response to Office Web Component Web Parts

  1. Hey Amanda, I promise I’m not watching your email.

    I seem to do this to Maurice Prather too:

    We must all be connected via some mystical “SharePoint Blog Force”.