Leaked Screenshots of SharePoint Syndication Tool!!!

In late breaking news yesterday (actually early for my time zone), Jan Tielens reported that screenshots of an application he is developing were leaked onto his desktop in a very strange and unexpected series of eventsÂ…umm wait that don’t make sense. Cute approach though Jan!

Possibly one of my favorite uses of RSS is for syndicating SharePoint content into Outlook (through Newsgator). It is just convenient for me since that is the one application I always have open on my desktop.

That is why it is no surprise that I am quite eager to see Jan’s application. My favorite feature is the fact (according to the screenshots) that you can select which views you wish to syndicate. This will be very nice for personalized views such as My Issues or Due Today items.

Looking forward to seeing the final product Jan – let me know if a Beta release gets discovered on this mysterious desktop of yours. :)

In related RSS news…

Daniel McPherson lists some of the other SharePoint Syndication web parts that exist. I have tried almost all of these in the past and found them quite good as well. Especially Addy Santo’s Feature Rich Blogwave!

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