Can you process the notion of a process?

It?s been a busy week and I feel like generalizing. I have managed to sort the entire population of our planet into 3 categories.

A) Those that can always see the big picture despite complexity and can architect processes to reach goals. The strongest representative of this category is generally not satisfied to be in a strictly implementation role and are often looking for ways to improve things.

B) Those that excel in implementation in their particular field but require a roadmap to complete each milestone. Every organization needs these people. The strongest representative of this category is generally extremely talented at what they do.

C) Those that cant identify or follow process. In fact, when faced with instructions, rules, or timelines, these people either fight back with opposition or run and hide. The strongest of this category can be very frustrating to work with when placed in a role which involves collaboration and interdependency. In fact, working with these people can often lead to some form of dependency.

Ok so there is no doubt to the fact, I am over-generalizing but I bet by now you have identified which of the above you feel you are. If not maybe you are a boundary spanner. These people are very key and also great at managing the relationships between the stronger cases of the above mentioned.

So should a company go out and hire only people in one of the above categories? Of course not but effective placement is key to success as well as the overall morale of your staff. As well, by building the channels of communication to cater to the specific needs of each group, a manager can optimize the strengths of each group and minimize the effects of their weaker skills.

By the way, none of what I am saying above is earth shattering news. A good book that discusses a similar breakdown is the e-myth. I highly recommend it and thank Steve for recommending it to me a while back.

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