XPlay 2

Ok I have to admit that I felt a little burned when we got our iPod which was described on the Apple site as compatible for Windows and Mac – only to discover that it meant you could use either but not both.

You cannot use an iPod whose disk is formatted for Macintosh on a Windows-compatible computer. You can reformat the disk to use it with a Windows-compatible computer, though. To do so, see technical document 61671, ” iPod for Windows Software 1.0: How to Format iPod’s Hard Disk”.

In our modest little home we have 4 PCs and 2 Macs (not including junk boxes that act as doorstops) so we were counting on being able to use either file system we felt like at any time. Apparently this is not the case. All our media files are accessible via our network so it’s not hard to find a work around – but that’s not really the point.

Anyhow all bitterness aside, this little app looks like it might help. It let’s you access a Mac formatted iPod via a Windows machine. Looks good enough to try and for $30 – if it solves the problem then I consider it well worth the investment.

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