The 10 Rules of Leading Successful Projects

#10. Don’t Communicate!

Everyone knows that communicating with others is a sign of weakness. You should never share with your ideas with teammates. Someone may steal them and put you out of a job!!

#9. Avoid Planning and Progress Tracking

It takes too much time and is too distracting. It is better to just dive in and not get too caught up in this whole “direction” thing. Things will get done faster this way! Everyone knows that.

#8. Avoid Decision Making

It’s better to leave that for someone else – that way you can’t be held accountable for anything. Besides if you never commit to anything…it’s much easier to back out in the end.

#7. Be the Hero!

Try and do as much of the work yourself as possible…I mean if you are leading the project…surely you know more about the individual tasks than anyone. In the end you can brag to others about how great you are.

#6. Hack It Together!!

Avoid methodologies and best practices. No one really follows them anyways. They were created by your competition to distract you. As long as it sorta works like it should, you can always go back and fix it later.

#5. Avoid Testing

Never Test – It impedes morale and progress…it is much better to assume it works.

#4. Avoid Documentation

It’s a waste of time…no one ever reads it anyways

#3. Blame Your Team for Everything

Blame teammates for everything – as long as you are talking the loudest then everyone will think that you are right.

#2. Never Recycle

Never ever do something the same way twice…it’s much more exciting to invent a new process every single time you do something.

#1. Never believe something just because you read it on the Internet

Take the time to learn the right way to do things. Effective decision making, leadership and collaboration can make or break a project and anyone that believes the first 9 items in this list should be shown the door or smartened up fast!! Quite often the less obvious elements of a project (planning, tracking, communicating and testing) are the most imperative to its success.

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