If you are like me then you probably spend a lot of time researching and reading about topics on the Internet. As a result, you often find yourself stumbling across great sites that represent your topic well and therefore you either want to save the link for later reference or share it with others.

Now if every site had content that was retrievable via an RSS feed, your next step would be clear. You would simply subscribe to the feed using an app like Newsgator (or whatever aggregator you use). But of course, that wouldn’t do much to help you share the link with your team members.

Unfortunately not all sites are equal and sometimes you strictly need to save the url for later access. This leaves you with a couple of alternatives:

Save to Browser Favorites
This method is somewhat acceptable however this locks information on your PC so therefore no one else can access it – plus it isn’t very useful if you have multiple machines. Not to mention, if your forget to backup your profile, you risk losing any links that you have saved in the event of hardware failure or an OS re-install.

Email to Team
This method will get the url out to your team site but relies on them to organize it somewhere for easy access down the road when they might need it most. Besides we all know about the problems associated with filling up other people’s inboxes.

Add to SharePoint Links list on a team site
Now you are thinking! By adding it to your team’s site for a particular project, topic or product, you are not only sharing it with everyone but you are making it easily accessible and relevant.

Of course the only problem now is that you may not always feel like copying the url, logging onto a team site, opening a list, pasting the url, assigning a title and description and saving. Thus you often fail to take advantage of a perfect collaboration opportunity.

Enter SharePointFav!

Steve Clarke has just developed an application that will give you the option of adding links to SharePoint sites directly from your browser. All you have to do is right-click to select “Add to Sharepoint List” , select a category (this determines what site or list you will publish to) and click add link.

I have been using this app for the past few weeks and it’s really helped me accumulate some solid links that I may have failed to archive otherwise. If you want more info or would like to download it, check out Steve’s weblog.

Great job Steve – Keep those SharePoint apps coming!!!

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