MAX Drive for Xbox

Hey now this is pretty cool!

“Datel’s MAX Drive, a PC-compatible USB flash drive for the Xbox, is set to revolutionise the way we manage our game saves. MAX Drive is a USB device that fits into your Xbox memory card slot using a special adapter (supplied). Its massive 16MB capacity can store game saves standard memory cards couldn’t hold – just the thing for those memory-hungry sports sim seasons. In fact, it can hold double the amount of saves possible on an ordinary Xbox card. But that’s not all…

Because MAX Drive is a USB device, you can use it to transfer saves from your console to your PC, storing them on your computer’s hard drive. You can then email them to your friends using your PC’s Internet connection. Imagine having all that flexibility at your fingertips. Best of all, you can also download the latest game saves with in-built cheats from Datel’s CodeJunkies server.”

I have always said they should make it easier to transfer your screenshots and replays onto your pc. My current setup allows me to do it directly to my computer but in the past I always wished I could transfer files from my Xbox to my PC. I mean what’s the point of having screenshots of kicking your brother’s butt in PGR2 if you can’t rub them in his face or email them to his friends?

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4 Responses to MAX Drive for Xbox

  1. Big Bro says:

    You must be referring to kicking Aaron’s ass because God knows you can’t kick mine in PGR2. :)

  2. Hahaha! So you DO read my weblog!!

  3. Dai says:

    Can’t you just use a normal USB stick and attempt to download the maxdrive software?