I have finally got around to installing Lookout tonight. I know Steve – it took long enough!!!

Anyways it’s quite worthy of an install. I could go into details about it, but Adam has done a much better job blogging about it than I could ever do. Besides he’s the Outlook / Exchange content man – it’s more his domain than mine. :)

My work mail account is a beast and while I have everything incoming very well organized (sent isn’t so impressive) – there are just somethings that can’t be easily browsed or retrieved using the “Find” tool. A lot of times, I won’t even bother searching for something because it’s too much of a pain and takes too long. Since I rarely have enough time in the run of the day to get everything I need to do done – I need to limit the amount of time I spend doing repetitive tasks or tapping my fingers while waiting for something to finish.

So I installed Lookout tonight first on my home desktop for my personal email. Wow! Very impressive. It passed the “it’s all about me” test. (What’s this you ask? Well I will explain below so you can check it out then.)

So then I installed it on my laptop so that I can check it’s power chugging through my work email. Again still very impressive and definitely a keeper. I just cannot get over how quickly the queries are executed. It IS very much like having Google in my mailbox. Given that I have people walking into my office everyday asking me for things that I know I have already sent someone else – this could really save me some time. (Voila – here is where the “ME” requirement comes is met)

Explanation of the “It’s All About Me” Test:

Well Jeff Sandquist has the “7 Day Test“. I have the “it’s all about me” test. Basically when it comes to software, I don’t care if YOU like it. I don’t care if you spent a long time designing and coding it. I don’t care if it looks good. I don’t care if it uses the 1337357 technology on the planet and is totally revolutionary. I don’t even care if all the cool kids are trying it and saying it’s great.

If it doesn’t make MY life easier and subsequently make ME happier – it’s nothing to me. So get it off my system and don’t come back till it solves some of MY problems. Don’t get me wrong I love technology and test LOTS of new software (sometimes too much). But when it comes down to it – it can’t just be technology for the sake of technology – It’s got to remove some pain or make something better for ME. However if something does pass my test, I am willing to endure some of the pains of being an early adopter (alpha or beta) just so that I can master an application early and enjoy the benefits immediately.

Lookout has passed the “it’s all about me” test and will remain installed on my machine. If you want to see if it passes your own personal test, you can download it here.

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