Interview with Robbie Bach

Robbie Bach speaks with Johnny Minkley from CVG on some goals for Xbox 2 and the future of gaming. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview at

I always enjoy it when I see people like Bach or J Allard discuss two important concepts with respect to the future of Xbox gaming. One is the need to broaden the genre of games available as well as the demographic of the audience the plays them. The other is the need to get more Xbox exclusive titles. Easy task right? Well no, but at least they are trying.

The two challenges are somewhat closely related as far as I can tell. Allow me to explain a little…

By broadening the genre of games that are developed and appealing to a larger audience such as women, adults (30+), non-techies, hamsters…(ok not hamsters but I was just checking to see if you were paying attention), there will someday be more “Xbox” gamers…more Xbox gamers will translate into more Xbox consoles in more households. More Xbox consoles will result in a much larger share of the market. Once Xbox is able to lock down this larger share of the market, then I think they will be in a better position to work out those exclusive deals.

Superior hardware just isn’t enough for the game developers. While the better hardware definitely leads to a better gaming experience for end user…it still doesn’t guarantee game developers the penetration rate they need for a reasonable ROI on their production and development costs. With such a huge production costs they need to be assured that their game is exposed to as large an audience as possible. Who knows maybe the recently announced XNA platform will be a good first step at just getting those costs down and increasing the number of developers out there (thus increasing the genre of games).

In any event, these are some exciting times in the games world!!!!

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