XNA Unveiling

Today Microsoft’s Robbie Bach and J Allard announced a new game development platform, XNA. Very cool. Nice to see game development heading more towards a consistent platform that focuses on reducing costs, improving experiences and better use of developer resources. Oh yah and let’s not forget about bonuses such as mobility, connectivity and multimedia improvements.

Let’s face it, if you have spent any time working with the .Net Platform, the New Office System or the Windows Server Systems – you know that if anyone can make this happen it’s Microsoft. The real value of technology is seen when developers are freed from repetitive mind-numbing maintenance and coding tasks and let loose on the real problems we face. It’s when they get the chance to be creative and tackle new challenges that things get real fun.

I will post more later but in the meantime check out the press release and download the sample videos. Note it’s better to just download the videos if you are on a decent connection – the streaming took a while when I did it.

Maybe I should convince my bosses to turn our company into a game development shop. Oh yah baby…now that’s a business plan I wouldn’t mind writing.

Sorry for the “Yah Baby”, I feel asleep a couple of nights ago with Austin Powers on the tube. My mind has been a little warped ever since.

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2 Responses to XNA Unveiling

  1. Adam says:

    It could be worse…

    You could have used shagadelic ;)

  2. I was thinking shagadelic but my hands typed Yah Baby!