Music to Games Industry Ears

Gamespot has an interesting article on recent reports published by DFC Intelligence on the development of the game industry in comparison to other popular entertainment industries such as music and movies.

“Revenue for the video game industry could pass the music industry in the next five years. More adults are playing games, the industry is expanding on a worldwide basis and online distribution is becoming a reality,” said David Cole, lead author of The Business of Computer and Video Games 2004, and DFC president.

“The interactive entertainment industry is still nowhere near the size of the movie industry,” continues Cole. “However, production values are starting to compare with those in feature films. Increasing consumer expectations, along with other factors including the rising cost of talent, the need for large-scale marketing campaigns, adding online components and demand for high profile licensed properties are substantially increasing costs.”

Pretty cool stuff really. Shane and I always discuss how much the games industry is maturing, from an experience level. Games today are very much like movies. They have solid plots, soundtracks, and complex character development. Many game ads now rival those of movies. Likewise, whenever I watch an intense action movie, my next thought is “OK now why can’t they make that into a game” or “When is the game version coming out?” One advantage with respect to games is that the experience is more interactive and generally lasts longer.

So it’s only logical that games be looked at more seriously as a solid entertainment source. I thank the hardware vendors and game developers for that. In my opinion the game industry has matured and progressed in the past 5 years tremendously because of the progress made in technology and communications (Xbox Live). Likewise I feel that the music industry has suffered or under-capitalized due to its failure to embrace market environmental changes and technology. But that’s just my opinion…and we all know what that is worth.

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