Infopath Team Has a Blog

From Lauraj’s blog, I just read that the Infopath team has a blog. Great news. I didn’t realize but then again I haven’t been doing much blog related reading (or writing for that matter) for the past couple of weeks so I think it’s time to catch up.

Today’s post is on one of my fave new things from the SP1 preview. Using filters on your dropdown boxes and secondary data sources.

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2 Responses to Infopath Team Has a Blog

  1. How stable has the SP1 preview been for you? Is it usable in a production environment? I know it’s not recommended or endorsed, but has it generally been stable for you?

  2. It has been great for me! I have not ran into one glitch or problem since I started using it. Given that I am a reasonably regular user of the tool (I load it up at least once a day and designed a couple of heavy duty forms) – I would have to say that’s pretty good.

    Even if it was a little bumpy, I have a built in software testing helmet in my skull. I am willing to take a few bumps and bruises in order to get that early start on new tech. But in this case, I haven’t bumped my head once.