I Feel Dirty

Just before heading out of the office to spend the day at a client’s, I received an IM from one of my co-workers stating that he just received a message from one of my accounts that had a virus attached to it. Ewwww!!

Instantly I started to itch from head to toe. However all I could do at the time was yank out the network cable from my machine and run out the door. All the while feeling very uneasy. I don’t open suspicious email. I keep all my machines well patched. I have Norton Antivirus installed and up to date with definitions. I never really download much except from legitimate sites. Yet I can’t help but wonder if my skin is about to fall off any minute.

I proceeded through my nearly 5 hour long seminar / demo on Project Server and Sharepoint (went well thanks) but all the while in my head I was wondering if I was indeed infected.

So now I sit here shivering, even after scanning every machine I own and reading on Symantec?s site that the latest threat (which looks like a bad one) spoofs the sender address (which I suspected anyhow). Yet I still feel dirty.

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