More Praise for Infopath

I guess I’m not the only one thrilled with the changes in Infopath. All week I have been talking with either people at work or elsewhere that are totally pumped about the new functionality included in the “preview”. As well, I’ve noticed that every morning when I check out my search folder in Outlook that I have configured for Infopath there are usually like 10 new posts of people talking about it.

Peter at Tabula PC seems pretty thrilled with the new Infopath and has included some screenshots of how the ink support works. I was also very pleased when I loaded a form up for the first time on my Tablet and I noticed that I had more options for filling out forms via the Tablet.

As well, the improvements for tying directly to Sharepoint lists and working with secondary datasources are tremendous. Working with data sources and expression boxes before was kinda weak. However now I have been able to turn some kinda OK forms into some pretty sweet pieces of work. All without the help of a developer. Not bad for a business geek.

I can now feel more comfortable recommending solutions to clients that include Infopath, whereas before I had some negative feelings about the depth of some the features. I think now that Infopath is much closer to being the app that it was intended to be.

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