Links 2004 with Jeff Sandquist

I had the pleasure of playing a couple of rounds of Links 2004 with Jeff Sandquist last night. He seems like a really great guy and he actually knows what “Screech” is. How could I not like the guy after that?

I also realized that he was the guy that had the really cool mural done for his wife. I remember reading that story a couple of months ago and thinking how incredibly cool that was.

I am really looking forward to getting the golf tourney on the go and meeting some more new people. As someone living in a fairly remote location, I don’t really get to go to many “geek dinners”. Although arguably every meal Shane and I have together could be called that. It’s nice to get any chance to talk tech / geek stuff with some like minded people in a live conversation once in a while…all while playing one of my favorite games to boot.

Anyhow I’m “PunchingBoot” on Live if anyone else wants to go for a round in the meantime.

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One Response to Links 2004 with Jeff Sandquist

  1. How was Links? Is it better than TigerWoods?