Blogs As Conversations

Jim Edelen makes a couple of good points regarding Blogs as Conversations, a concept recently touched on by the Blog King himself. In particular, he brings up an issue that I myself have struggled with in the past. When a person comments on my weblog (although sadly this doesn’t happen very often *Sniff*), I usually like to respond to their comment. I want to have conversations with the people that take the time to reply to something I have said. I want to get to know the people that visit my site. However, I wonder sometimes if I should be emailing them or reply on my weblog.

Often quite frankly I do both.

Why email? Well because I want that person to know that I have replied to what they said and appreciate their comments. I don’t want to be so bold as to assume they will return to my site to see if I have responded. Also it’s my way of opening the door for further communication.

Why post? Well I post so that others can see a response and maybe that might encourage them to join in on the conversation. If not hopefully I might answer a question they may have had.

But the bottom line is, that I like Jim, do not know what the best way to improve blogs as conversations is. I do believe that they are an excellent tool in starting conversations and building relationships because I have been lucky enough to have experienced both first hand. Hopefully as more and more tools are developed and expanded, I am confident that we will find a way to deal with the information overload issue better. For now I guess we will just have to get by with less than perfect methods to facilitate these conversations.

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