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Ten Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Found this on Joi Ito’s blog. Great article – I will definitely try and be more aware since I know I am guilty of a few of these at times.

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Misery Hates Company

Ok I have been slowly fading into a pit of misery for past two days but I am giving in now. I came home from work and crawled directly into bed (not without my laptop mind you). I’m burning up … Continue reading

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Rory Blyth ROX DotNetRocks

Just listened to the latest DotNetRocks. It featured Rory Blyth. That guy seems just as funny live (well kinda live) as he does in his blog. He has some pretty cool stuff to say about .NET and the coding community … Continue reading

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Search Folders in Outlook 2003

I have discussed these before so I won’t repeat myself. But in short, if you use Newsgator, search folders can really help you filter your entire subscription list (mine is growing and growing) to give you quick access to preferred … Continue reading

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Newsgator 2.0 Released

Newsgator 2.0 was released today. The good news is that thoses of us that purchased version 1.3 get to upgrade for free. Free upgrades are always nice.

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More Praises for OneNote

Tonight I was preparing a list of interview questions for a fairly large integration project that we have starting up in the next few weeks. I usually like to plan these things out well in advance so that A) we … Continue reading

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Gals and Gadgets??

What is this world of ours coming to?? Last week it was announced that women are gaming. This week the world finds out that we are buying electronics too. Amazing however that I still get treated like I have the … Continue reading

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The Opportunity Shop

Imagine yourself walking into a store – it’s filled with shelves and shelves of items that interest and excite you. Now if you are like me, you probably can not afford to purchase every single item. Even if you could, … Continue reading

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The New IPod Minis

When I first read the news from MacWorld, I was impressed with the new smaller colourful ipod minis. But then I read a little deeper and saw that they were only 4gbs. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had … Continue reading

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Tabby Lives Again

I just flattened and reinstalled Windows on my Tablet PC. Pretty brainless process with the recovery cd. Definitely drives home that I really need to start using Ghost for our other machines. In the meantime, while I wait for the … Continue reading

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