Coming Down

Pretty quiet blogging week however that never means there hasn’t been much going on.

Christmas is approaching – and since it is my favorite time of the year I am quite excited. Shane and I plan on visiting my brother and his family for the holidays – I can’t wait.

Work has been hectic but I am taking some time off for the holidays to help regenerate my mind and motivation. If all else fails I will catch up on all the missed sleep – that has to help a bit.

I turned 27 on Wednesday…a funny age for me really. When I was a kid I thought that everything cool was going to happen when I turned 27. This could be an exciting year…who knows. Shane tells me that 27 has been an unlucky age for some…but I think that only matters if you are a rock star. Being as tone deaf as a rock I truly think I am safe. In fact I’m pretty positive it’s going to be a good year.

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