Project Gotham Racing 2

Picked up Project Gothem Racing 2 last weekend. Great game!!! Even better than the first one.

The graphics are very clean and sharp. Quite impressive. The interface is much better and you can change game options such as laps, time of day, weather, split screen etc.. as you are setting up the game. In the last game it was more of a pain in the butt to change that stuff.

The game has LIVE support which is sweet. You can download other player’s ghosts which is pretty sweet.

The game also has a tonne of cool new cars. The only down side is that I haven’t tracked down the cheat code to unlock all the cars. Noslin as the profile name worked good in the first version – now I need to find the equiv for version 2.

The first version gave us 2 good years of playing, its fun to have a new version to play with now. Also looking forward to Amped 2 (recently released) and Halo 2 (coming soon).

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