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Encouragement is a fertilizer for achievement. Some foolishly overlook its importance and inappropriately categorize it as bulls**t. However when used appropriately and in adequate amounts it can help transform a budding idea into a brilliant success.

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Blasts From the Past

My buddy Jamie just sent me this link and it is awesome. You can do searches on domains and it will bring up old versions of sites. Try some goodies like Microsoft and Yahoo for a bit of fun. For … Continue reading

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Novell to Acquire SuSE

Novell to acquire SuSE Linux This is a pretty interesting development given Red Hat’s recent announcement.

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Lazy Weekend

I decided last night after leaving work late that I needed to take some down time this weekend. Our team managed to get a major deliverable out the door last night and while it felt great, I also felt exhausted … Continue reading

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