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Panther is coming

Panther is coming in just 4 more days I am looking forward to it. I tried a really yucky Beta version and it was a pretty bad scene but I think it was a bad install to start with. Now … Continue reading

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The Perfect Career

Monster even uses the MBTI Test Its a pretty lame scaled down version though. Apparently one of these would be my perfect career: Intellectual property attorney News analyst Design engineer Biomedical researcher Network integration specialist Software developer Psychiatrist Cardiologist Freelance … Continue reading

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Office Developer Center

Office Developer Center Pretty sweet. Check it out.

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Speaking of OneNote…

A good article on OneNote for anyone who isn’t familiar with OneNote. As well, if anyone has any questions or would like some tips on using OneNote, drop me a line.

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Hooked on OneNote 2003

I have finally perfected my OneNote setup. When I was first started using the Beta I was also just getting used to the tablet. Therefore I never really took the time to set things up properly. I liked the program … Continue reading

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Dude Where's My Game?

So I was watching the ballgame last night, top of the 7th, bases loaded, tied game… Digital cable receiver shuts off. I jump up thinking I accidentally hit remote but find the remote sitting on the table. I pick it … Continue reading

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Our Xbox is coming home

October 14, 2003 ————————– We have received your Xbox at our service center. It is our priority to process your Xbox in a timely manner and to get it back to you as good as new. October 15, 2003 ————————- … Continue reading

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I wish…

I wish that gaming sites ( for example) would let your click a next button to browse through screenshots of games rather than close window, click link, close window, click link etc… A lot of sites don’t do this. I … Continue reading

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How Life Has Changed…

When I was a kid… Ok I am not going to start a story like that but things have changed a lot from when we were kids. When I was growing up, I played on a lot of sports teams. … Continue reading

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What a Game!

Being a long weekend, I have decided to take some time to kick back and catch up on some reading and relaxation time. I also watched “Hockey Night in Canada” for first time this season. Unfortunately the Leafs got womped … Continue reading

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