Will Your Life Matter?

This was a question that was thrown out by our pastor yesterday morning that has somewhat clung to me for that past 48 hours. Obviously it goes without saying that YES! Everyone’s life DOES matter. But then again, are we using what we have to the best of our abilities?

I personally often put the greatest acts of selflessness off till a day when it is more convenient. I always pictured myself as someone who would be a great contributor to the community – but I am more focused on accomplishing wealth and success first. Then I figure it will be easier for me to do so. But in actual fact the only thing I am doing is making me feel better about doing nothing today.

It would be great to be like Bill and Melinda and donate billions of dollars to help combat diseases like Malaria and HIV/Aids. In fact, many of us tell ourselves that we most definitely would if we had such wealth. Heck we would give twice as much. But in the same breath would hesitate to cough up a $5 for a less grandeur charitable experience.

There are those that turn up their noses as such an act. Stating that it is merely for tax purposes or publicity. Why do people take such an act and turn it into something so negative? For starters, there are a lot of charities to which tax benefits could be obtained. Not all have such a massive impact on an area of our world that has suffered tremendously or have lost so many innocent people to disease. And a donation of $5 million would gain as much publicity as $50 million dollars. Yet this particular foundation has given billions over recent years towards health research.

Not to mention they have actually taken time off their busy schedules to go visit these areas in person. That certainly takes more heart than just signing a cheque would.

But the point of my post isn’t to talk about two people I do not know and their efforts to help those around them. Instead I hope that by putting this on paper/screen it will create at least the smallest reaction. I always liked the notion from the Pay it Forward movie. Heck I think that if we could all just take one selfless act a day to make somebody else’s life better, we would actually start getting somewhere.

Its not the small battles we win each day that matters but instead the fact that when its all over we can look back and feel confident that we always had the best intentions and actually improved the quality of life of those we came in contact with.

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