Project 2003 has Rocked My World

Well not yet but I am still pretty pumped. We got it from MSDN last Friday and all I can say is WOW! I have been eating up the latest version of Sharepoint ever since it was released for Beta. But unfortunately I haven’t even seen Project 2003 until now. Guess I got some playing to do.

Project Server, Sharepoint and the rest of the Office 2003 system are going to change project tracking and collaboration for good. So easy to use. So flexible. And so perfect for those of us that love to organize things and share key information with others. It even has a risk list!! Ironically it?s almost identical to a custom risk list I made in our Beta install for Sharepoint for tracking projects. I guess that is correlated with the fact that mine was based directly on the MSF.

If anyone ever has any questions about how/if they can use Sharepoint or other tools in the Office System to help them, drop me a line. Likewise if you have picked up on something cool that you wanted to share, I would also love to hear from you. It’s all about sharing!

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