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An Interesting Thought Regarding Brands

I am re-reading “Brand Warfare” by David D’Alessandra and I thought I would share an interesting point he makes. Some people claim to be unaffected by brands. In fact, some people go as far as to say they do not … Continue reading

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Class of 1991???

Got an invitation in the mail today from the MUN Alumni Association to attend an awards ceremony. Ironically the guy that sat next to me during my convocation is receiving one – really makes me feel like an underachiever. But … Continue reading

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New Language Update for Tablet PC

It?s funny how I was working on something today for a multilingual application our company is working on. When I started writing sample data on the same note I started thinking about how unnatural it looked to have both languages … Continue reading

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Update on Tablet PC Progress

Wow I was just thinking and I have been using the Tablet for about 3 months now and I have to say I have become extremely attached to it. Or rather I guess it would be more appropriate to say … Continue reading

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Can't Wait for New Office System

Just about 2 weeks now till the release of the FULL Office System. I am pretty hyped. Steve downloaded the Office 2003 Suite the other night from MSDN but it didn’t include Sharepoint or Project 2003. I can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Still No Live For Me

Just got off the phone with XBox Live technical support. They called me back today while I was at work. I returned their call and gave them my ticket number. However go figure, the tech was unable to bring up … Continue reading

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Look Ma I'm an INTJ

My Boss, Steve sent me his personality description from doing the Jung Test that has been pointed to on a few blogs recently. After doing it I found out I was a INTJ. After reading the description I have to … Continue reading

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Theory of Relationships?

Throughout my 26 years on this earth, I have made many acquaintances but developed relatively few rock solid relationships. These are the people I hold closest to my heart and feel have had a positive role in my life. Recently … Continue reading

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Oh Oh…

Think someone made a boo-boo? In case it changes before you read this: Price:$1,199.99 Discount:-$1,082.50 Sale Price:$117.49 Sale Ends:9/11/2003 But beware before you buy. They do have a terms of use policy for the website that specifically protects them against … Continue reading

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