10.1 Downfalls of Computers

1. You start to realize that you don’t know what half of your good friends look like in real life.

OK good now let?s work on other half.

2. You suddenly realize your diet consists mainly of coffee, hyper-caffeinated soft drinks, take out food, coffee, and vending machine foods. Did I mention coffee?

This one kind of sucks but one can always use Photoshop to improve thyself.

3. Spam

Spam is indeed evil however maybe there are people who want to receive 100 messages on how to get out of debt every day and increase their component size. For those of us who don’t I always fancied this story.

4. Newbies

It is true that it can be frustrating to walk someone through a seemingly simple process that has no clue what you are talking about. It is even more frustrating when this person starts to cuss you out because they DO NOT have a start button in the bottom left of their screen and never had. (Mind you its there) However let?s face it; there are bad drivers, bad dressers, bad singers and bad skaters in this world. Logically there are those that just don?t get it when it comes to computers and should probably stay away.

5. 1337 People

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is very unpleasant to be around those that still continue relish that small bit (no pun) of information they know over the rest of the population and vow to not only fight evil monsters (Microsoft) and adopt a complete open source, windows free, unix driven world but constantly blab in my ear about it. If you don?t like it?don?t use it. Just don?t jump down the throat of anyone who acknowledges a way in which they can improve their job or life by using an MS product.

6. Pop Up Ads

Have you ever opened your front door and had a flyer jump out of your mailbox and hit you in the face? If not, me neither. If so, I bet you found it annoying and that is pretty much the same level of violation I consider pop up ads to operate on.

7. Your computer cannot pick out your clothes for you.

Well at least most can?t. *wink* But I do dream of a day when your house can be occupied with enough technology to have my clothes laid out for me, coffee brewed and shower heated to prefect at the same time my alarm clock goes off.

8. Size does matter.

In the computer world size is a very important concept and sometimes somewhat contradictory. Monitor screens must be larger but the thickness and amount of space it occupies should be minimal so in actual fact smaller. Laptops should be thin and light but with big screens, wide screens or small screens depending on user. Input devices should be small enough so that they can be considered sleek and stylish but big enough to actually operate efficiently.

9. Flame Throwers / Parasites

They hang out in news groups, chat rooms and other dark corners of the Internet, waiting for new prey. These people remain silent (generally having nothing useful to add) until some poor soul makes the unfortunate mistake of a typo or grammatical error. One could speculate that these people offer an element of order in a world overridden with shorthand, geek speak and slang. Personally I just think they lack anything original to offer so therefore are left to grab wildly at the obvious.

10. Email Top Ten Lists

Because everyone knows that blog lists are better.

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