The ?Ford versus Chevy? of Software Discussions…

I was reading my comments on my “Why I love Microsoft” Post and was directed to a discussion board where an interesting question was raised:


“One of us, after posting some negative quotes about Microsoft, asked: So I have one question. Why keep buying their products?

To which I replied: Let me answer your question, with a question:

You have an organization of tens, hundreds, or even more individuals.

You need to provide them with (at the least) a spreadsheet, a word-processing, an email, a personal information manager, and a presentation program – along with the “environment” to run them.

These programs must all be able to interact with each other easily (your non-techie employees will be “doing” the bulk of the interacting).

And, in order to be cost effective (the organization is a vocation, not an avocation) these programs need to meet certain standard – they must:

- All must be recognized industry standards;

- All produce data files that can be easily exchanged internally and externally with both individuals known to you, and new to you;

- Have a large enough installed basis so you and your employees can easily obtain help, both on an incident basis and for IT employees to hire;

- And, since much of your employee’s training will be on-the-job, there must be enough books available on all the products to satisfy all levels of technological needs.
You also decide to use no MS products.

With the above as background I then asked: You would then buy what products? ”


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3 Responses to The ?Ford versus Chevy? of Software Discussions…

  1. Chevrolet says:

    Personally, I think that both of them are great auto makers… Chevrolet continues to lead the way in pickup trucks, but Ford battled back with the impressive new Ford F-150. Tough call.

  2. ip address says:

    Interesting… my previous post is missing.

  3. npa nxx says:

    Your website was down a hour ago.