OPML Files

I thought I had lost my latest opml file. I was doing some power cleaning on my main desktop after doing a fresh install. When I went to import the file I couldn’t find it so I started to panic thinking of all the shift-del combos I had just done. But alas all is well, I saved it in the root of one of my storage drives for easy access. Apparently I was expecting myself to be a bonehead.

It got me to thinking though that more people should share their lists. It would certainly help the blogging community grow if these files were floating around more freely.

Imagine having Bill Gate’s opml file?

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One Response to OPML Files

  1. Steve Clarke says:

    I think you probably dropped the OPML file on your drive the moment you heard my story a few months ago of having my SharpReader subscriptions corrupted.

    Yes, go ahead and thank me. I can handle it.