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Have you loved your XBox today?

I haven’t. In fact with the exception of a brief round of Golf last weekend, I have not played in months. I think I need to go buy some new games and the Live kit or go seek some good … Continue reading

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Had a great day yesterday

Put about 600kms on the car. Left home at about 5:30am and was back at around 9:30pm. Slept very well!! Not much fishing but a bit. Will be heading out again this afternoon. June 7, 2003

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I HATE mail in rebates

I generally will not buy something that advertises a mail in rebate just because they annoy me so much. Unfortunately I really wanted this monitor so it had to be done. Now I got to waste 20 minutes of my … Continue reading

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The Fishpond

Looks like we should have been just fishing in our own backyard all along. There are goldfish in there that are bigger than some of the trout I have caught so far this year.

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I find it very annoying when people send attachments in email and do not use a subject. Especially if it?s a resume. Doesn?t it say a lot about one’s desire to get a job when they don’t even bother to … Continue reading

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Boardtown's Platypus 4

I test drove Platypus 4 today from Boardtown. Its their latest ISP Billing Program. Quite impressive over the previous version.

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