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Either my handwriting is getting better (I doubt it) or I am getting more comfortable with writing on tablet,

I am quite amazed how well things I have scribbled down today were recognized. And in all honesty, the things that were not recognizable by the tablet were actually quite unrecognizable by my own two eyes. Let?s face it, sometimes chicken scratches are just unavoidable.

I have found that by zooming the screen when working with One Note or Journal to about 130 to 150%, my ink notes are tidier and cleaner. This is something I learned from working with Photoshop (bigger zoom = better precision)

Scoble has an interesting post on differing opinions of the tablet. I appreciate how he does acknowledge some of the negative sides of the tablet – the sign of a good debater. However he also makes some great comments on the value the tablet pc has.

I have found the tablet great in multiple aspects of my daily life:

1) Team Collaboration: Quick meetings – a couple of clicks and notes are transformed into live tasks and added to team site or emailed.

2) Storyboarding – I always sketch out an outline for the ads and print materials I create. It?s nice to do this in a digital format that is edited easily and can be stored directly with production files.

3) Reading – Excellent tool for research, blog reading and browsing. Last night I picked up a traditional book for the first time in a week instead of using the tablet. I think I may actually like tablet more. No pages to turn, consistent lighting, and more comfortable to curl up with.

4) Brainstorming – Check out Mind Manager. Enough said.

5) Creating outlines for complex documents and projects. Convert to type and drop into one of my word templates. Voila I have my document ready to go with TOC. Its just more natural feeling to scratch down all my headings and drag around the screen till the flow is acceptable.

6) Quick information lookups. Often in meetings something comes up in conversation that sparks something I would like to know more about. Being a Google addict I get a twitch whenever I hear something I am not 100% familiar with. It?s far more discrete and polite to use my pen in tablet mode and browse to a website or email message than to start typing. No one even picks up on the fact that I am not just taking notes. Perhaps when I know everything about everything (sarcasm) I won’t have to do this. Until then it is nice to have some flexibility and discretion.

As far as the Tablet as a desktop replacement – I really can’t see that happening. Games, graphic design and video editing are better on power boxes. But heck I never considered my laptop a desktop replacement. But a tablet could easily be a laptop replacement and more for someone like me. And as for the other activities that I do on my desktop – they really only account for 2% of my total computing time as they are only hobbies.

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