Day 4 : Tablet PC

This morning started out a little rough. It was the third morning in a row that I woke up feeling terrible because I stayed up far too late playing with the tablet. Steve tells me this is “Tablet Hangover”. I think he is right. Of course this doesn’t mean I won’t be doing the same thing again tonight. But then again, my days with the tablet are indeed limited so I must make the most of them.

I truly can’t remember the last time I was this excited over something. It is a nice rush to the system. I guess the last time I was this intrigued was the Mac phase I went through about 12 months ago when OSX came out and we got an IMac and an IBook. I still enjoy playing with the Macs but the tablet has a much more practical use and potential in my life. I just wish I had one when I was in University. Almost makes me want to go back. Well no that’s not true.

I spent most of the day at the office working on a documentation piece for a Sharepoint install our company performed this week. Basically a little customization to a simple manual I had written a while back for another install. I was basically taking a bunch of screenshots of the test site that we had deployed at the office and dropping them into the document along with text descriptions of various steps. The interesting part came I started using ShareKMC so that I could share my pc’s keyboard and mouse with the Tablet. A very nice app I might add. I turned on the “Write Anywhere” function on the Input Panel of the Tablet. I was then able to go to various pages on the test site, circle/highlight items with ink over the page, click Print Screen on my PC’s keyboard and voila, I had a screenshot highlighting exactly what I wanted without any heavy modifications or editing.

I will also be using the tablet to do all my reviewing and editing over the weekend. I take back my statement on how I didn’t like the Windows Journal. I was wrong. Its actually working a lot better for me now, I think I may have been using the pen too lightly since it was my first day and I remember being quite scared that I would break something. This is pretty much the approach I take whenever taking on new technology or applications. I try not to get too caught up when something doesn’t work or I can’t figure out what to do next. I usually move on to some other aspect and learn some more things so that by the time I make my way back to the original stumbling block, I know enough to coast on past without difficulty. Perhaps an approach I should adopt in non-technical life too.

This evening I have been spending a lot of time online reading and checking different tutorials and instructions. Still dying to find a massive resource for the Tablet where I can learn more fun stuff. Loren’s blog does include and link into some good stuff so I will be returning there for a while.

Messenger 6 is still high on the hype-o-meter today. I’ve been sending my share of ink messages. Most people unfamiliar just think I am using a funky font. Of course no font could ever capture the craziness of my unique handwriting / printing / scribbles. I even played checkers tonight with a good friend. The pen is great for clicking the squares. Unfortunately my checker skills are subpar.

An interesting thing that I have noticed, many of the people that I have chatted with chose the rubber ducky as their first pic when they installed the new version. In fact, I would say of the people I have been chatting with 90% did. At first I thought it was just an eerie coincidence, but I think it just means we all have a deep rooted emotional link to our childhood rubber duckie. Or maybe not.

Well its the weekend. So that means hardcore tablet use now. When I am at work I try and incorporate it into my day as much as possible but cautious not to get too sidetracked. Now I can dive in head first and really spend some quality time with my new companion “Tabby“.

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