Day 2 : Tablet PC

Today was another fun day with the tablet. After spending last night getting to know each other a little better (should have hooked up my webcam and sold to Fox as the next big realTV show…the geekette)….sidetracked…I spend today actually putting it to use in the workplace.

First thing this morning I had an internal meeting to discuss a project. I was able to scratch down the same notes I would normally take (but cooler) and identify all action items, milestones and tasks right there on the screen. Then when I return to my office I convert my notes to type (good job) and import the tasks into Outlook and assign. I am then able to pretty up the map and post to project portal site. Not bad. All in the time it would normally take me to type up my meeting notes. Still have some things to learn before the process is streamlined but already quite impressive. I was using Mind Manager again this morning since at that point it was the program I was most familiar with.

As well later in the afternoon I ran into a mind block trying to plan out some modifications that were necessary to our ISP customer management system in order to incorporate some new sales promotions. All was going well when BAMMO I struck a wall. I then spent 30 mins brainstorming and came up with 3 different scenerios, grabbed the manager for that division to discuss, made more notes on top of my brainstorm web with him, decided on an alternative, printed a copy for him, exported and added to my spec document. Nice. Unfortunately I later discovered a flaw in the plan but at least I still have all my notes from today saved in my WIP folder. Normally they would be in the shredder or wastebasket by my desk by now.

I tried the Windows Journal for doing some quick notes. It doesn’t seem responsive enough to my pen. Maybe I need to adjust something but its enough of a problem for me to discontinue playing with the program for a while.

This evening I am testing out One Note a little closer. I like it. I can’t say I love it yet but time will tell.

I also downloaded the latest version of Messenger (v6). Pretty cool. The ink takes up ALOT of room when you preserve handwriting. I felt like I was dominating the conversation based on the size of my words. Not really sure how that could be avoided without damaging the quality of the words.

Anyhow, toys to play with….ahem I mean work to do. Will post back later once I do a little more with One Note.

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